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Calone (Watermelon ketone) | CAS 28940-11-6

CAS 28940-11-6
Molecular Formula C10H10O3
Molecular Weight 178.18
Arran Reference WMK
An intense marine aromatic note with floral overtones manufactured by Arran in Ireland (European Union) to industry leading quality and environmental standards. Deployed by the aroma-chemical sector for fine fragrance, personal care and home care applications. Product is manufactured to an ultra-high chemical purity, with an industry-leading odour profile. Arran offers “just-in-time” supply from 25 kg to multi-tonne quantities with short lead times. Samples for evaluation can be provided free-of-charge.
Test Specification
Purity (GC) Not less than 98.0%
Organoleptic evaluation Conforms to target odour

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