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Development & Manufacture

Arran has the expertise and capabilities to deliver chemical processes from paper chemistry through to commercial product supply. Our flexible approach, coupled with integrated engineering, chemistry and biocatalysis expertise ensures our clients are offered an unrivalled service for fine chemical manufacture.

Service Capabilities

  • Production scale from 1000L to 6300L in glass-lined and stainless steel vessels
  • Route invention through process development to production services
  • Kilo Lab / Pilot Plant from 10L to 1000L in glass-lined, Hastelloy and stainless steel vessels
  • Chemical and Bioprocessing expertise including enzyme immobilisation
  • Enzyme technology (selectAZyme™)
  • Working temperature range -50°C to +220°C
  • Short path distillation / thin film evaporation expertise
  • Gram to tonne manufacture of intermediate and active ingredients
  • Enzyme technology and enzyme immobilisation
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Our chemists can perform process optimisation and intensification with the goal of increasing yields reducing raw materials and waste, thereby simplifying process operability.

Peter Cairns, Technical Manager


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