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Process Development

We have significant experience in process development and scale-up. Our knowledgeable chemists and engineers quickly identify the most scalable, economic and safe parts of the chemistry to develop using best-in-class technology to ensure that our clients’ projects are delivered on time and in full.

To improve process efficiency, our chemists can perform process development and intensification with the goal of increasing yields, reducing raw materials and waste costs, and simplifying process operability. Once the process is established, the focus can change so that knowledge and understanding become the primary objectives, ensuring the process is robust and reproducible.

With well-integrated laboratory and production facilities on one site, we can work from gram scale in our development laboratories, through kilo lab and pilot plant, to multi-ton scale in our main production plant. Our plant is equipped for solids and liquid handling, with a working temperature range from -50°C to +200°C with low pressure (vacuum) distillation among other options.

A full range of analytical services is provided, ensuring that all process development and production services comply with the ISO9000 Standard. Arran Chemical Company takes the safety of everyone and its facilities very seriously and is committed to carrying out its business in a manner which will not harm the health and safety of anyone associated with it. Safety evaluation procedures are performed before any projects are undertaken. Safety testing is facilitated by a computer-controlled parallel reactor system with provision for kinetics and calorimetry.

Solvent recovery and all standard unit operations are available on site and operations are well controlled within a management system deriving from ISO 9001:2008/ISO 14001:2004.

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"Our chemists can perform process optimisation and intensification with the goal of increasing yields reducing raw materials and waste, thereby simplifying process operability."

Peter Cairns, Technical Manager


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