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Arran Chemical Co.: Forming bonds with Japan

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Located in central Ireland, Arran Chemical Co. (Arran) has been manufacturing up to several hundred tons of high-quality chemicals for a wide range of pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries for more than three decades.

Since its acquisition by the Almac Group in 2015, Arran has performed major upgrades to its manufacturing technologies and facilities.

Arran serves more than 50 foreign clients across the globe. Japan accounts for around 15% of Arran’s business and remains a priority market for business growth.

“We understand that we need to be patient in building a relationship with our Japanese clients. My first visit to Japan was in 2001 and I travel there annually to work closely with all our clients and partners. Being part of the Almac Group has allowed us to expand in Japan and be a part of the Almac Group Tokyo Office, which was opened in 2015,” said Vice President of Technology Development and Commercialization professor Tom Moody, who has published 100 peer-reviewed articles in the fields of flow chemistry, biocatalysis and synthetic methodology.

“We employ around 20 native Japanese people and have moved to a larger facility earlier this year, a demonstration of our commitment to the Japanese market. Arran’s core strength is its people. Like many Japanese companies, our employee retention is very high with many members of our team giving more than 20 years of service; and 10 others (giving) more than 30 years,” Moody added.

“Although geographically distant from Japan, we have a clear understanding of the Japanese and how their systems work.  We are patient and pay close attention to detail because quality is our priority. We will continue to work hard to develop these relationships and deliver fully and on time,” he continued.

To further strengthen its leadership in research and development, Almac also works closely with scientists in Japan.

“We consistently develop new innovative technologies that lead to efficient and economical manufacturing processes. Green chemistry, sustainability, economic benefits and supply chain credibility are key. We work with academics in Japan, who develop excellent technologies and we help them commercialize their breakthroughs,” Almac Business Development Manager Masayuki Hattori said.

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